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 Rectal Cancer: must get to reputable clinic in Mexico 4 cure
 Standing for the Truth
 Chemically contaminated society is killing me.
 Bringing my wife's ashes to Cambodia
 Pensioner is in need of your help - urgently
 daughters funeral cost
 daughters funeral cost
 Punky Boobster
 Punky Boobster
 Help! Nowhere to turn!
 young family struggling to stay on top of everything
 I need help!!! Urgent!!!
 Disabled veteran needs special transportation and home fixup.
 Small investment Life Changing Consequences
 Not to proud to beg
 Some time you have to let pride go.
 ***Please, help me get to my family in Louisiana***
 Taking Care of 90 year old Mom and out of work.
 Married Boomers Terrified For Future Decades with No Jobs or Inc
 HELP ME! I'm overdrawn $1800! can you donate less than $20?
 Help a vetrean
 Homes For Veterans
 Toby is in need of Life Threatening Surgery
 Student needs help paying Spring tuition
 Please help me!!!
 Disabled Vet Need help paying bills
 I need your financial help, please contact me adude
 Hopeful restauranteur, needs your help.
 gay and homeless please help
 I need a bed; please help
 Family In Crisis
 please help.
 Needy in New York
 Veteran Needs Help So I Can Help My Family Avoid Homelessness
 Medical bill help for baby boy.
 Needing stuff for baby boy!
 Restore The Language
 Restore The Language
 I need help to buy my own house
 1/13/14 STILL NO MONEY :( Christmas Cry For Help From A Teen
 Please help me pay my bills, get out of debt and start a project
 Fiancee has been having multiple affairs, need to move out ASAP
 Medications are very expensive
 My Life For The Last Two Years Has Been A Struggle
 please help me accomplish my dream
 Help send Autistic son to Disney World!!!
 Single parent in school needs money to buy land for a trailer
 veteran need money for lawyer

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