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Bringing my wife's ashes to Cambodia

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My wife died last August, we had been married 40 years and 8 months. As a child she had a problem swallowing and was undernourished. When she was 15 she had corrective surgery. She doubled her weight and gained a foot in height in 6 months. Up to the time of her surgery she had not expected to live to be an adult.

When the Vietnamese army invaded Cambodia in 1979 a large number of Camnbocdian refugees came to the United States. Many were still suffereing from their near starvation and my wife felt a kinship with those so affected. We sponsored a number of families, having them live in our home until they could make other arrangements. She studied the Cambodian language, becoming fluent and being able to discuss child care and medical problems. She commented a number of times that when she died she wanted her ashes taken to Ankor Wat, a temple in Cambodia.

My plan is to travel to Cambodia next August with her ashes. I need help with the airfare and other expenses. For those who wish to share contact information I will keep you informed on my travels and how this all works out.

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