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Nowhere to turn...Please help!!

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I never thought I would do this in life. I am well aware of what I'm asking from anyone reading this, but I have no one to go to for help. I like many others had a dream of going to college, graduating and moving on to at least a job with reasonable pay. Instead I have found no work for over a year and have become immersed in student loans. Just to pay the bills, I have had to use credit cards and the debt kept piling. Because of the financial stress, my wife filed for divorce and left. I still have 2 kids to feed on top of the bills and accrued debt. The power was recently shut off to my apartment and I had to borrow money to get it turned back on. I'm terrified this could happen again. Until I can climb out of the debt, I'll never be able to sufficiently provide for my children. The good news is I have found a job that can help me sustain bills and feed my kids, but the credit card debt and student loan payments on top of the child care costs so I can work almost match my income. I'm asking for any donation to help me climb out of this hole I'm in. I promise, there is a light at the end with any help provided. Please...I have no other options and loans are the one thing I cannot and will not afford to do. I just want to right this wrong in my life. I'm begging for a fresh start..Please.

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