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Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me In! ~need $$$ for a PLUMBER!

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FIRST RULE- if you want to help- click the paypal button. BLESS YOU!
I will not respond to direct email.

OH NO! I've become a little pig in my old house!
¯ ¯(\___/)
¯ ¯/,•__•,\    
.¯( «(oo)»)   
¯¯ `-.~~.-'
¯¯¯ / ^  \             
¯@ / /  \ \_          
._(,/ /, ° ,\ \,)__
._WW -- WW ___ >oink<
(nearly impossible to do good ascii pics here!)

It's been over a month since I've had a bath or shower.
>oink oink<

The drain pipe for the tub is broken under the house.
I had a drain cleaner & 1 plumber here and gave me
The BAD news -$3000.!?! Better estimate came in yesterday 9/28- $1,800.

The SAD news-
I'm a solo paraplegic piggy living on disability.
You'd think there would be some kind of help- IF there was,
I wouldn't be HERE!

I NEED is to get that broken pipe fixed ASAP!
>oink wah oink<

Being in a wheelchair in the middle of my life is NOT what I wrote on my 6th grade paper,
"What I Want to Be When I Grow Up!"
But here I am, and no family to help.
I'm HOPING there's some people out there with some extra bacon to help me- PLEASE!
My cat HOPES I get a bath soon, too! =^..^= >meow<

and IF a little extra cheddar is donated- I could even get that nasty tub replaced with a safer tub!!!
That would be totally awesome .... but the pipe fixed is priority!

..,-~*´¨¯! THANK YOU !¯¨`*·~-,..

Should there actually be people who respond to my beg- ANY amount,
I'll start a Facebook account post the address here to invite them and keep people updated on the status with pictures to prove I did what I said I would.. ^{˘(00)˘}^

ps- I do not give $ to get $$$.

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