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Poet (published, talented, elderly, destitute) Please Help!

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I live on $500 dollars a month in the 3rd world after growing up in affluent USA.

Low Maintenance, but my cash is running out.

I long to find a benefactor or mentors or people who care to contribute (any amount appreciated) so that I can feel

1. connected to others
2. more relaxed so I don't live in constant fear
3. appreciated for being a poet
4. understood for being so extremely sensitive
that I must live as a contemplative hermit.
5. valued for my sensitivity.
6. loved

I left my house 5 times last year because of not wanting to spend the little money I have left.

I have no children, siblings, or any other family to turn to and live in a place where the locals assume I am rich, instead of starving.

I have 600 poems to finish, please help me get the motivation, and nutrients to nourish my brain before I leave this planet. My poems are beautiful.

I will share my poetry with you if you would like.

Bless you. And Thank YOU so much.

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