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A home for our family our life together

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I have never had to ask for help but am becoming overwhelmed as of late. My story may not be completely different from others but it is my story. The past year has become a little tough financially. I have a full time job and have been working as a manager for the past 13 years but the financial burdens have become tough on my.
I am a single father of one and my girlfriend is also a single parent of three. In the last month my girlfriend took over custody of her best friends daughter after she passed away suddenly and I myself took in my sons best friend after his parents divorced and his dad kicked him out. So now myself with two kids and my girlfriend with four would love to make a better life for our kids, adopted kids as well as ourselves. At the moment we live in separate houses but would love to plan a future together. She currently rents a house and I myself own a small home which earlier this year suffered from a bad flood which has left this house with massive repairs. I also own a lot of land which we would love to build a nice home on but due to the mortgage, rent, and kids to feed we are struggling to make it much less save for our home together and future. I hate to ever ask for help but I do guarantee the money will go to helping these kids have a forever home with love

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