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I need money for rent as BREXIT has not been kind to my job.

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Hello, I'm desperate and out of ideas!!

I'm a freelance artist who has been doing alright up until now. my bread and butter was storyboarding and animating for a company but since brexit has happened our company hasn't been doing so well, and i've been 2 months without a job.

I live below the breadline anyway, and now i'm running on empty and my rent is being raised at the end of january.

I'm trying hard to earn money through commissions, but no body is biting.

I've applied for benefits and extra money, and i'm having to jump through loads of hoops - i've been at this for 3/4 months and still nothing!

If i can't get anything within the next couple of weeks, I won't be able topaz my rent next month, let alone eat/ect.

please please help if you can. i've never been so stressed before.

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