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Help Get Me Out of the U.S. Until Trump is Gone

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I am a patriotic American that is disturbed by the cultural shift that is taking place in our country. To truly appreciate our country, one must leave it. My goal is to gain valuable international business experience and cultural awareness - skills and attributes that are necessary for U.S. citizens to compete in the global market. Our current administration has taken the stance that "America Comes First." Whose America? My plea is to help me relocate to an EU country where it is a challenge for an American to find employment. My goal is to also provide an American voice abroad on how global leadership skills can repair the U.S. once the current administration is out of office. One dollar is what I am asking for from potential contributors. I am quite interested to see the number of people who will support my goal and viewpoint, which will be reflected in the total number of donations. Thank you in advance.

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