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I am a:

- Single Dad of two
- Boy 14 and a girl 10

I lost my job last April as a partner walked out on a thriving business, and shut the lights off. I have been struggling since.

My boy was sent to Tijuana Mexico to a boys discipline school for 9 months for doing drugs, missing school, being disrespectful, not being accountable, and in denial. It cost me nearly $10,000 with all the trips and visits to TJ.

I sent him because he would come home at 5 am on a school night and simply say "sorry." I gave him one year to work it out, visited his school weekly, saw counselors before I decided he needed help in this school.

He is a good boy, so when he came home from TJ in August I moved from Los Angeles to the Suburbs of Nevada so he would not be around bad influences from friends and routines. It cost me about $12,000 for the move. He is doing much better now, he is off the drugs, is doing better in school, is accountable and cleans his room and takes out the garbage. It is a much more quiet neighborhood and everybody is off the street by 9pm, so it was worth the move. He is a good boy and I love him as I do my daughter.

So after burning through my savings I am faced with enormous debt. My job in rideshare with Uber and Lyft are not paying the bills. It is much slower here than in Los Angeles as the demand is less in Nevada. The cost of living here is better than LA.

I am returning to school for the second half of my degree. I received a Film degree at Los Angeles Film School December 2012. I want to return for my BS degree so I will have a consistent cash flow in a field I love.

Any donations you make go straight for the children, and will help ease the load of the bills we have.

Rent: $1175
Utilities and cable: $225
Car: $575
Insurance: $246
Misc. $195

I recently filed bankruptcy and it was discharged on 2/8/2017. I only have the car now because we need an automobile to get around to the schools and work.

Thanks for helping and God Bless you always.

Mr. Mom

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