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Wish To Visit Mount Shasta, USA

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I am from Malaysia working as a clerk with decent income of around USD$400 per month. Spirituality is what I practiced in my life for self-improvement and Earth people.

My dream is to visit Mount Shasta in USA which I observed since 6 years ago. The place was known for it’s wonderful beauty of nature and with legends of a very old civilization dwelling under the mountain after destruction of last civilization, which took the heart of me.

I need the budget of around USD$4,000.00 only for such long-distant trip. The USD$1,200.00 is for flight ticket and transport fares while the rest of USD$2,800.00 is for accommodation and foods for at least 30 days.

As I was unable to raise the budget so far, I would like to seek for unconditional generous assistance from your goodselves to realize my dream of visiting Mount Shasta and meditate there for peace on Earth and all incarnated souls here. The trip was meaningful to me as part of spiritual self-improvement and to learn more about myself and the place.

Any amount even if it’s minimal will make huge difference of the dream I wish to pursue.

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