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please help me to keep my family together, please help

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I wish I could see you directly into your eyes to whoever is reading this, since I brought my family
to new York my son and wife ,it's been very rough for then and for me because I'm not able to provide
like a head of a family should do.

right now I'm unemployed I been searching like crazy any decent pay jobs but now days every job require experience I even try to apply for public assistance but got dinied twice.

a year ago I was barber but couldn't do it no more because of a accident I had back in 2010 I broke my right femur then after being a barber I became a uber driver in nyc I did for a year but my rental car was too expensive it was 435 every week it was too much for me ,there were sometimes I just end it up paying my car and keeping less than 200 dollars a week, there I began to fell behing on rent, I had to borrow money from a friend which I still own him, I fell so embarrassed.

now me and my wife are even thinkin to take our son out of school and send him to the Dominican republic to his grandmother because we don't want him to go thru this and we know he is gonna be happy there.

so please if you find it in your heart, please help get a decent job or help me however you can
thank you

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