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HELP me save my daughter

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I am a 30 year old single mother from Massachusetts, My daughter was born in Florida. Her father was abusive and neglectful to her and I. I had to run back to my family in Massachusetts to save our lives. We left when daughter was 1.5 years old, now 3.5 years old. Her father has been fighting me in court for visitation. I have drained my savings, the retirement of my mother, and other family members have contributed thousands. My legal fees pile up because the case is both Massachusetts and Florida, so I have a team of lawyers in both states. As a result of my daughters trauma, she requires treatment for emotional and behavioral issues. She is getting intervention 2 times per week and then once a week with a child shrink. NONE of this is covered by my medical insurance. I pay $300 per visit per week. This creates huge financial hardships for myself and daughter. I work full time in the medical field and have been for the past 10 years. My daughter attends daycare for $250 weekly, while I work. A family friend gave me an old car they had, i have ongoing problems and costly repairs frequently which cause me to use money otherwise meant for shrink or daycare, I also miss a lot of work due to car trouble. Daughters father does not contribute to financial support, the process is very stressful and messy trying to deal with the Florida Department of Revenue. There is no government help for me because "I make too much". Between the uncovered medical payments and daycare there is nothing left at the end of the month, there is actually a deficit. I am seeking any donations from any kind people out there, anything will be so helpful.

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