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Behavioral Disabilities.

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Hello. I came to America 9 years ago as a young boy and started doing things on my own and because I had no previous experience or life training, I made a lot of errors that put me into at least $30,000 dept.

Now that I am trying to become a better man, the errors are catching up to me and making the journey a lot harder, and after a lot of research as to why things are challenging despite all of my hardworking efforts, I discovered that I might have some behavioral disabilities which I can't discuss with people close to me because of the stigma that comes with it.

I have a 6 years old son that continues to grow without me as I have no means to cater for him: credit is completely destroyed, no place of my own, no car or money to take care of my fatherly responsibilities as much as I'd like to. I am in a serious mental and emotional pain and I really need to get my life together asap. Enough is enough. I am done crying and complaining. I want result. Please help me.

Any donation would go a long way. Thanks.

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