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Universal call - Please godly people help me - no where to turn

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I have never been so desperate in all my life. I've always worked hard and find comfort in helping others. My heart is hurting so bad I don't know where to turn.

I fell into mental illness after my parents died suddenly and had to leave my job. My breakdown has now ruined my life! I'm losing everything. I am being evicted due to rent arrears of £5084, and also my car due to all of this. I have biipolar disorder and went through extreme psychotic experiences.

I was trying to better myself by going to university, but the strain of working, going to university, looking after my 3 children and my parent dying, I lost myself.

Now I'm not sure how I could possibly get through losing my home with no one to turn. my car is essential but not as essential as my home. This world is so cruel, I wish someone, anyone would help. All I do is cry, I can't think of anything else,

Please if you can spare anything to help me.

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