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Please please help i don't want to forclose on my house

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I never thought I would be asking strangers for money but I need to put away my pride and get my life together again. I feel like right when I'm done paying something two more things gets thrown at me. I am 3 months behind on my mortgage and some utilities. I don't want to forclose on my house. I am so stressed out i have been getting really sick because of how behind i am on things. I want to pay of the three months i owe and some of my utilities and rent out my house, moveout to my sister's house and get my back I've been working 2 jobs and I cant seem to just catch up I have 3 wonderful children and I feel so bad that with how sick I've been getting because of my stress that we haven't been able to do anything as a family for more than 4 years. My daughter just turned 4yrs old on July 8th and I couldn't even have a bday for her. I didn't even mention it to her that it was her birthday because when birthdays are mentioned she tells me that for her bday she wants her friends over and a strawberry cake. It breaks my heart that I cant spend time with them and I cant get them what they want because I have been trying to catch up on my mortgage and bills for a while and I just don't know what to do anymore.

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