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Computer for finding disease cures

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I'm a computer fan and I also like helping people. Years ago I was thinking how could I combine these 2 things together and then I found BOINC.

BOINC is a platform where you can help find cures for various diseases like cancer, AIDS etc. even thought you have no medical knowledge.

All you need is to have a computer where you download BOINC and then you can choose project that you are interested in. Your computer will then download and solve wokunits. After wokunit is finished it is uploaded back to scientists who can develop cures faster.

This way even with no knowledge, just your computer and electricity expenses you can design new proteins, analyze reactions between substances and so on.

Many people have computers running and doing nothing. There is just so much wasted times. I believe this way of helping scientist will have really big impact on sick people when new cures are found.

Last 5 years I was computing for FightAIDS@home and rosetta@home projects - you can google more info about them.

However my computer broke this year and I don't have money to buy a new one which would cost about 3k USD.

I will be happy for any donations and will try to send thank you to everyone back :)

Even if you skip this one, you can search for BOINC and start helping this way :)

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