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Please donate and help a nobody become somebody

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Today, I am a nobody.

I work full time and study in my free time, just like any other person.

But I don't want to be like any other person.

I want to create things useful to humanity. I want to have an impact on the world.

To make this happen, however, I will need money. My goal is two million dollars.

Let us say today that a kind soul is willing to consider giving me the money, but they would like to know how it will be spent.

I was averse once to the idea of business plans, but now I see their value.

One important point is that I would not touch or spend the money until I am ready. Each cent would be accounted for and some would even have to be spent or given away such that I end up keeping it somehow.

I would not quit my job or change my spending habits. I would continue to live within my means as if I did not have this money.

The first bit of the money would be spent on clearing debt. This is a crucial first step, as it frees up my ability to keep more of my job earnings. The stress relief will be invaluable to my health and well being.

The second bit of money would be toward education. I may not need to utilize money from donations to do this, but I plan on never owing student loans again. A financially sensible path would be taken for securing such education. I am considering an MBA from Wharton, for example.

The third bit of money will be utilized in creating my prototype. Without getting into specifics, I will need to purchase a plot of land, possibly hire engineering consultants, consult an architect, acquire materials, and create a construction plan. I will also need to employ a legal research team.

All in all, if I had two million, I would retain more than half the money given to me as a blanket in the event my prototype doesn't work.

At that point, I would sell my initial prototype and build a second, better one.

I anticipate I would have enough for two prototypes.

I also anticipate I would be able to sell my prototypes. If not, I have personal assets which can be used for leverage.

I have no interest in illegal or dishonest activity. My plans as described above are vague, but this is a public space. I would be more than happy to explain further in detail and in person to any interested parties.

I'm not looking for a loan. I'm not looking to sign contracts. I am looking for a gifts and donations. Every dollar and cent can make a difference.

Thank you for your time. I now return to my 9-5 mundane life. A few clicks or phone calls from a single wealthy person could significantly change my life within seconds. What multi millionaires earn in weeks or months, a person requires 30 years to a lifetime to earn. So please, won't you give this ambitiois middle aged man the gift of time saved in the form of a lump sum?

I am nobody, by your gift would send me well on my way to becoming somebody.

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