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Desperate times calls for desperate measures...

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Dear helpers,

I am a single mother of a teenage girl and an animal lover. I have a 9 year old chihuahua dog and a 2 year old cat, I love them dearly and they are part of our family. I’ve been doing crossfit about 5 times a week for 3 years now, I have a special rate which would be a shame for me not to take advantage of, plus I love it and use it to the max, for me it’s a passion! ... I have a full time job, pays enough for our needs but I don’t have much left for extras. I don't own or do anything fancy in my life as I barely get by. I have too much debts that accumulated over the years and I’m trying to pay it off, but it’s too much, it’s making our life miserable. I have a budget and I want to get out of debts, but it will take forever, I don’t see the end of it! Meanwhile, I feel like my life is passing by because it restrains us so much.
I have about $5000 of debts combined. But lately, my former landlord contacted me to get $8000 in rent arrears. I've paid my rent on time my whole life, but this particular landlord suddenly went silent for months last year, resulting in him not being there when I needed him and not cashing the rent money. I tried to reach him many times to pay rent and to get his help when I needed something to be fixed, but he was just unreachable and nowhere to be found. Other tenants had no news of him either, we were all in the same weird situation. I ended up moving out at the end of my lease without him realizing his tenant moved out.
I had kept aside all the rent money I owed him in case he would reappear. After months in my new place, still no news of him, temptation was too high, I used the money to pay some debts... It helped a lot!! My total debt went down to $5000, I was happy that I had a good chunk paid off!! But then, of course, my former landlord reappeared!!! Yup, totally out of the blue he gave me a call, apologizing for not being around for a while but he's asking for the rent arrears, and yes as per the law he can still request it. That is a serious problem, I cannot spit out $8000, I don’t want to have issues with the law and that’s a major setback for me since I thought I was getting closer to be debt free...
On top of it, my little dog needs a tooth cleaning. I don't want her to end up having her teeth removed (lots of money and I wouldn’t want that for her...) and have general health issues (again lots of money) related to bad teeth. Tooth cleaning is about $400 to have this done...
So, this $5000 of old debts, that $8000 of rent arrears and $400 of doggy tooth cleaning is a total of $13400... That’s poisoning my life. Literally.
Please... I want to take care of my daughter without struggling so much, take care of my dog, pay off my debts and enjoy what life has to offer. I love my family, I love working out at crossfit and improving my running time and distance, that’s what keeps me going.. My situation is stressing me out so much... it affects my mental and physical wellness and I’m scared of how much all this could have a toll on me (and us) if nothing changes.
I still think that there may be good people out there that have the means to help, who don’t struggle with their finances and even have a lot more money than they need. If any of you feel like doing a good gesture, make someone happy and change someone’s life let me tell you that your help would not just make my day or make my year, that would make my LIFE!!!!!!!!
I pray the Lord that someone would help us. My daughter, my dog and I would be FOREVER grateful to you.
I promess to also pay it forward, to help someone in need whenever I would be able to, later in life. Because I believe that's how life works.

Here's a picture of my dog :)
Thanks, please help.

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