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Spiritual Program Mahasadashivoham,India!! HELP me get there

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Introduction to Maha Sadashivoham - Where you will go from Human with average life to Superhuman with shaktis superpowers and powerfulCognitions.
Learn about the most exciting happening in the Cosmos since the beginning of Life itself.

MAHASADASHIVOHAM is going to be 16th of December in Bengalore Adeenam,India.

MY name is Katarina Marosiova, I am from Slovakia,I am 18y.o and I want to educate and spread this opportunity among people. Be a model and inspire others on my way

Ever since th beginning of the civilization,the Sanatana Hindu Dharma has been the cradle of enlightened beings and highly advanced sciences and blissful powerful existence.It was where the science of enlightenment and powers (Shaktis) was lived and taught as a lifestyle.The Vedic Rishis,Munis and Sadhakas manifested extraordinary powers like materializing materials,reading the past and the future through Akashic Readings, creating alchemy products for spiritual evolution, levitation, and other numerous powers.
These powers expressed as a side-effect
of their feeling connection and integrity
with the Divine, from the space of Oneness or non-duality with the Divine-Lord Sadashiva,the original source of all Cosmic Sciences, refers to this as Shuddhadvaitam.
The knowledge and sciences of manifesting
these powers was passed down from one generation to the next through
Deeksha,initiation by the enlightened Gurus and preserved by the Guru Parampara, which
has an unbroken lineage of enlightened beings and Avatars till date. Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the living Avatar of the millenium who is powerfully reviving these Yogic sciences revealed in the Vedas and Agamas and transmitting it to the world at large on a human scale never imagined before.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda is making many thousands across the globe express and share these powers by a mere Deeksha,initiation, making the Shaktis (powers) a living experience for them, called Sākshi Pramāṇa.
Time, space and the presence of the Avatar,
calls on us to now decide to raise ourselves
to our Awakened Consciousness and explore, seek to realize the ultimate truths and manifest them as Shaktis, powers that are being gifted to humanity by the Avatar.

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