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Hello there,
I amI a middle aged female with 3 kids. I have a decent job (I think) and currently own a small home. I'm currently seeking help because I live in an area with a terrible school district and am desperate to move to an area with a better school system. I'm having to pay for private schooling. The problem is I have little room to manouveure. I'm in the process of saving and have been saving for a few years now. I'm trying my best, but having made very little progress. Having to pay for a current mortgage and having to pay for school fees and all the other expenses that come along with a home has proved to be a big challenge. I'm currently looking for extra work but in all honesty my hands are pretty tied up with 3 kids. I feel like the government offers very few benefits for the middle class and am in a continuous cycle. My pay goes out to bills, debts, and expenses and have very little left to save. So what do I do? What can I do? I just need some room to save but just don't have the ability to. So I thought I'd just be honest and just ask for help, straight up. I'm desperate to get out of my current living situation. Please help me. All I'm asking for is. $1 for every one person who has read my post. Hopefully I can use whatever has been donated to add to my savings later down the line when I have enough for a deposit. I'm sorry if this is appears to be selfish, I feel terribly guilty for even asking but am desperate. I'm just a regular gal trying to get out of this cycle, move to an area with a good school system. Please help if you can. Thank you

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