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Help Pay off My Student Loans

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My name is Charlie Hoever III. I am a 27 year old IT professional struggling through life.
You see I decided almost 10 years ago that I wanted to go to college. So I applied, got accepted and took every loan out I needed for the next 5 years to pay for it. Unfortunately due to my circumstances after 5 years away and 4 classes left, I had to drop out and start working. So since 2013, I have worked my butt off to pay all my bills including nearly over $1k a month in just student loan debt. After some refinancing I owe a little more than $700 a month now which with the rest of my bills, still forces me to live paycheck to paycheck.
So my favor I ask you is to see if you are willing to help me with my $120K student loan debt I owe. I am not asking you to pay for it all, but anything would help, even just $1.
You see, I want to give back as much as I can to my community, but I seems I am always so stressed to do it. Since moving back to VA from CT after the passing of my sister I joined a church and give 10% of my earnings to them, 10% for food and gas, and the other 80% goes to bills. I rather be able to have 60% of my money go to bills, 10% for myself and the other 20% go to church and charities and have time to volunteer more and just help my community.
I came from a very poor family with a single mother who raised her three kids pretty much along for nearly 9 years until my father got custody of me. That gave me the opportunity to strive for my passion and dreams. So I want to give back to families in my situations like that and show them there is hope and a better life out there.

Thank you and I hope you have a great day,
Charlie Hoever

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