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Please help us!!!!

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Hi we are in very bad situation right now. I am on maternity leave second year in row. We always wanted a baby and now I have 2. But our financial situation become really bad because my husband is only working now. And he is self employed which means his job is not every day. Now I am on Iva government help in UK coz I was 16000 in debt but this is just small amount of debts my husband is nearly 50000 £ in debt. He is delivery driver so we took van on finance for his job and insurance is very expensive then he got a loan of 20000£ and credit cards but the most important he is on overdraft on his bank card 2000 and now they taking daily charge of 3£ or more pounds. This week he needs to pay his tax and Vats because he is self employed and we need to pay rent 850£ plus all water gas and electricity bills. We are really struggling this is really bad feeling stressed. My children is 1year11month and another is 5monts old. I am getting 150£a week there I am buying all the food. Please if you are real can you help my family please. Our dream is to pay out all our debts and go back to our country Lithuania. Thank you for reading this. Many thanks

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