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Hurricane Maria at the caribbean stroyed my family and my sanity

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We need at least $1 of each donor because our house had been destroyed and my older family started dying post hurricane because of the shock of the catastrophy. I have a little toddler who is 3 years old and want to give him my sanity wich i dont have anymore. I have ptsd and severe anxiety symptoms because the job that i worked was completely destroyed. I am in need of psychiatric and paychologycal counsling(currently contemplatng suicide) while me and my family try to repair our broken homes an lives. Theres electricity but it comes and go and the water is still not so safe to use. I need at least 2,500 to help repair my moms car, fix our hpuse, my child grandmothers wood house and the therapy sessions.

Please if y u guys could give me a hand i will be eternaly grateful!
I say this with all my broken heart but my spirit up.

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