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In Desperate need for money to pay off Educational Expenses

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I’m not proud of this, asking you all for money. I don’t really have a choice though. I’m a full time student and I need help paying of my tuition, student loans, and such. I prefer not to work because I cannot handle the stress of having to worry about school and going to work. It didn’t work out too well for me in high school, so I don’t want to risk doing poorly in school again just because of working.
So, why should you donate money to me? Well, you don’t have to and that’s fine. If you were to donate, however, any amount of money would be greatly appreciated. $1, $100, $1,000,000, a single cent, I would be happy with any of those. I guess my reason for why I should receive donations is because I’m a minority female college student that lost the birth lottery: my mother raised me and only makes a little over $30k a year, she has a crap-ton of bills to pay all the time, when I do work (during summer break) I only make around $10 an hour and I only get scheduled to work 20 hours per week at most if I’m lucky, I had to pay for all of my books out of my pocket, I got lucky enough to get selected to go on a good (paid) internship but everything in total (the internship and travel expenses) would be around 6k, I don’t have much in my savings, I don’t have much money in general which is unfortunate because I need to pay off bills as well.
I’m also severely depressed. I honestly want to die because this world just sucks and the universe hates me. Money is what runs the world and I don’t have much. That could/will change after I get my degree, but that won’t happen if I’m unable to pay tuition. Life truly is cruel, huh. It’s unfortunate that money runs our world, and it’s because of money that my mom and I could never live in peace. I neither like or hate money, but it’s a necessity that I (everyone) need(s) in order to succeed in life: get my degree, go to grad school, and then hopefully find a good job.
To conclude, I really do hope that whoever comes across my plea will consider donating money to me. All of the money will go towards educational expenses and nothing else. Thank you for your time.

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