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Help! Nowhere to turn!

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For the first time in my life, I am living at poverty level. My husband and I quit good jobs to become life and health insurance agents. We found out our manager was not the upstanding person that we thought, so after 6 months, we contracted with another company. This company did not have a good product to sell and the branch disolved. This left no experienced managers on staff to train appropriately. We had to leave this company and go independent. We are now contracted with good companies with affordable prices. But, it took a while to get started and is now starting to kick in, but we are broke. We have no health insurance, no car insurance. We are about to lose our life insurance and cancer insurance. Our rent will soon be 4 weeks late. And our electric bill is 2 weeks late. We have borrowed from family and friends that need the money as bad as we do. My husband lost his Mom, Dad and brother to cancer in 2000 and my Mom died in April 2006. I am sure that depression has played a part in our delayed success in this business. My husband went to work this week in a factory making $10 per hour to try to keep a roof over our head and utilities paid. We have sold everything we can. What I am begging for is help paying back my family and friends with a little left so that I am not starting out behind. If anyone can contribute any small amount to help, we would be eternally grateful.

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