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Please Help Bail Out and Save a Business AND a Family

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The fact that I am writing tells me that I have truly become desperate. I have owned a small business for well over 20 years and have been able to comfortably support myself and my family with the profits of our small business.

A combination of the recessions and some bad decisions on my part have left me teetering on being almost totally insolvent. I have accumulated what feels like an insurmountable amount of debt and I am running out of credit to keep bills, suppliers and employees paid.

As mine is a family business where my wife and oldest children all work saving (or helping save) means saving my entire family. My sons are now college aged and I want them to have a good education.

I suppose if I were a car company or bank there would be some mechanism for bailing me out of the mess I am in. This is basically the lives of five people at stake.

Won't you please consider helping us out with some small amount?

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