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any amount even a dollar would be appreciated

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Im in dire straits here i don't know what else to do i owe around 3,000 for taxes on property which ive been trying to pay off with refund every year and it was behind when i moved this trailer here and got the loan for it but now i owe on the sewer and taxes back pay ive been trying hard every year to pay i also have a house not hooked up but i pay the service fee for that no one lives in its condemed but i have to pay on sewer pipe there and my wife had been trying to get disability but has not got it so ive been struggling between kids supporting them on one income since 2000 when i started buying the trailer now if i just got caught up i could manage any help would be appreciated as my son youngest out of three kids hes now 20 i am 45 would like this to someday belong to him as im still struggling by myself to pay this up and i would not like to see this half acre taken by the town

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