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Broken tooth, broken car, & $25,000 in debt

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Hi there, if you're reading this I appreciate it. My husband and I moved to Dallas for a job opportunity for him, but it turns out it isn't paying as we thought, and rent is way higher in a city as we quickly found out. His parents were kind enough to help us with moving expenses but we are still in debt(student and credit cards). His car is breaking down and needs a few major repairs (water pump, coils going out, overheats) but now that it's warmer he just wants to save the time and money that would be spent fixing the car (its old so something else would just pop up) and get a cheap bike to ride to work.
As far as his tooth goes, he went to a horrible dentist when he was a kid who filled his cavities and put sealants in, but left gaps. This caused the teeth to rot underneath the sealants and the only solution is a crown and/or eventual root canal. One of these rotting teeth broke in half last week but we just don't have the money to pay the medical bills. He has already had 2 root canals in the last two years. He's only 26.
Basically we just need a few hundred dollars to cover a gap. Even if one of these things gets paid for it would help tremendously. We don't know anyone out here and our families both live far away and don't have the means to help us. Additionally just for the record, I work as a nanny when I can find work.

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