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Disabled Combat Veteran Needs Help to support his 2 girls

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I am 32, Single father of 2 gorgeous little girls, and 60% service connected for injuries sustained in combat. I have served this wonderful country in both Iraq and Afghanistan, so those of you who I don't know, can live in peace. My selfless service and willingness to help others has reflected in this site among others. In the past to date I have donated over $14,000 to parents, children, and strangers on this site alone. Now, as a fellow servent, I am asking for help. My disabilities have become increasingly difficult to work the hours I need to support my girls, putting an immediate drastic change in finances. I want to be able to give them the world, though through my hardships and struggles, I have been another grounded and often forgotten veteran. There is a transition program I'm trying to get into that would help me, but costs more then I have. Please pay it forward, and help me get into this program that would get me back up and going.

Thank you for your support!

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