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Rebuild house for poverty stricken Filipino Family

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Website: helpfamilyinphilippinesrebuildhouse
Hi and many thanks for showing your desire or interest in this families need.

My name is Ronald Tan my wife is a Filipina from the City of Cagayan De Oro in the Philippines on the island of Mindanao. She has an old mother and a sister with two children plus a brother and brother in law sharing a small shanty style modest home in a poverty stricken area of the town. The house is very badly deteriorated in its structure and my wife fears that it could collapse one day especially during the next typhoon / storm season Support timbers and rafters have been attacked by termites and badly weakened the structure. In addition to this the corrigated iron roof has rusted so badly that every time it rains water leaks badly into their home damaging furniture and the few electrical appliances they have.
Although I live in Australia I am only a low income earner earning a living by selling in markets on the weekends however this only provides enough money to meet our own living expenses and to pay our bills as we also have two children of our own to take care off.
My wife is also heavily in debt due to borrowing mainly payday loans to assist her Philippines based family as her mother is partially blind due to cateracts ,her father has passed away and her brother inlaw had to stop working due to blackmail in the workplace ( another long story ) her sister and brother in law only make a little bit of money selling waffles and the rest has come from my wife sending them money until she has become heavily in debt. My wife is really worried about the safety of her family due to the house possibiliy collapsing on them one day. I have tried to save money myself to assist with their house repairs but because of my wives bad debts and to save our cars including my work vehicle from being repossessed I was forced to use those savings to bail her out.
I have also tried to contact various aid agencies like Caritas and Christians Against Poverty both for assistance to help settle my wives debt and to assist in either providing funds to rebuild my wives family home or at least stabilize the structure. But most of them have either rejected my pleas for assistance or referred me to other aid agencies that have done the same. Caritas for example said that they only provide assistance for poverty relief projects and not for individual families.
I am really at a wits end trying to find funds to assist my wives family and also alleviate my wives anxiety of the matter as well as her own debt. Also her mother badly needs a cataract operation for her eyes but it needs to be done in a hospital on another island and she can't travel alone and is only willing to be accompanied by my wife who has to travel there to assist her. My wife needs $45,000 to cover all these costs and any travel expenses involved. But at a start $5000 just to get urgent repairs started on the house would be appreciated. Many electrical appliances in the house like the fridge,tv and computer have been ruined by rainwater from the leaking roof and need to be replaced. Because of the computer being ruined theres little communication between my wife and her sister as she now has to go to the local internet cafe to email or skype with my wife. This has lately put further stress apoun my wife in her anxieties.
The latest crisis however to befall this family was their old and nearly falling apart car was vandalised after it broke down a few days ago and they pushed it to the side of the road overnight as they had no assistance to get the vehicle back home again. But when they came back the next morning to tow it back they found that somebody had maliciously slashed and flattened all the tyres during the night. The vehicle was needed for ferrying their two children to school which is some distance away from their home. Without this vehicle the children now have to take costly public transport by Jeepney to their school and back every weekday. Costly repairs for this family to repair their vehicle has put additional strain apoun my wives family in the Philippines when they are already in a bad way. They have begged us for financial assistance for their situation but with my own situation very tight what assistance I can give is limited and thats the reason I have posted this story on this website. Anybody by Gods grace who is willing to assist both my wife and her family please do so. Any donation large or small very welcome,funds will be set aside in a special account until the amount her family needs is raised then it will be handed to them for the much needed home repairs.
If you would like to help the family of Jocalyn "Joy Vega Palasan " Please donate at the end of this story.
Pictures provided of Joys roof and termite damage to verify the truth of this story. The only one I am allowed to upload is JPG and its is very blurred as I had take a picture of a picture to get this if you want additional proof I have clearer IMG pictures I can send to you as attachments if you email me regarding this crisis request. Thank you for your time reading this script.

Ronald and Jeaneth Tan.

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