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Downpayment for new home

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We are not destitute, we are not in dire straits, we are not on life support seeking life saving medical intervention.

We are a good family that has had a few unexpected and untimely events: job loss, bad credit due to divorce, bills, infertility, new baby, post-partum depression….

We are a loving, hard working family that believes in the American dream, to own a home for our child to grow up in. What we are asking is money for a down payment on a house.
The goal is to obtain approximately $50k to $100k. We know this is a lot of money to ask for.

Our current income allows for the payment of a mortgage, but we lack the 10-20% down payment required to secure a loan. Due to an extended period of unemployment (lay-offs), our savings and retirement accounts are depleted. Was it unwise to tap into our 401K, yes, but we had no choice: bills still required payment, food required purchase, and rent paid.
We are so far behind in achieving our dream to have a home. Nearly every day we try to figure out a way to make this happen but at this point the dream to have our own home is just that – a dream.

Any contribution to our cause is greatly appreciated. You have our guarantee that this money will be used for the sole purpose of obtaining a mortgage; it will not be used for living expenses or wasted on frivolous items or needs.

We never imagined ourselves in this situation, and to be honest it is very humbling to have to rely on the generosity of strangers. Thank you for considering our request.

Rob, Nicole and little Jackson

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