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The Home of 2 Navy Veterans Burglarized at Thanksgiving

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Late Tuesday evening (or early Wednesday morning) right before Thanksgiving, robbers busted a window open and broke into my home. Luckily, no one was hurt (we were not at home at the time) and our fur babies were left untouched, but they stole quite a bit of our stuff.

Nothing “important” was taken (meaning not vital to live) but the things that were taken are things have taken the comfort out of our lives. There is an issue with renters insurance, so everything that has to be replaced will come out of our pocket (including the reprogramming of a key fob because they took that as well). Fixing the damage and cleaning the mess the cowardly people made means we both have missed work. Plus, all money coming out of pocket is being taken from what I have saved to go to my sister’s college graduation.

This is not a sob story to get money out of people, this is me asking for help to replace what was taken and fix what was messed up so that we can get some of our peace of mind back.

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