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I have come so far

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I was living as a homeless man. Living in the streets and if i was very lucky i would find a sofa to sleep on an odd night here or there.
I was never on drink or drugs. I become homeless by no fault of my own. I was a carer for my father from the age of 11 and continued care for my father until i was 22. When i no longer had to care for my father i found my self with out a home and life went from worse to worse. Ten years on i have a wonderful wife and together we have 2 amazing daughters.
I have an amazing career in my local hospital. Im not a nurse or anyone well paid at all i work as a phlebotomist but at least im working. I enjoy doing my part for people and thats why i choose this path.
My problem is however, to get to where i am from where i was has cost me alot of money. Money i never had to begin with. I have worked so many hours to pay to back my debts and have truely come so far. I dont feel it would be appropriate to say how much i owe but i can say i have worked so hard to reduce the amount of debt i had. I wish i never got in to any debt but with out it i believe i would have still been on the streets or worse.
I feel so grateful to have my life and wife and daughters i just hate that i struggle so much because of this last bit ot debt hanging over me. it isnt much compared to some peoples debt. I just want to be able to breath for once in my life. ive never been one to feel sorry for my self. But for some reason just lately i wish to be normal. I never had a normal child hood. I never had normal teenage years and now i feel the last thing from giving my daughters a normal childhood is the debt i got into to get me out of a terrible life. Im so close yet feel this last push is draining me and i simply want to be just for once NORMAL.

I hope i havent bored you. Im sorry if i have.

God blesd you all

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