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Dear Sir/Ma,
I write to seek a favor from you. I am a graduate of Mass Communications. I did my Industrial Training or Internship in a Printing Press because I have a passion for the print business.
Well, printing is a good business, and ever since my graduation, I have long to establish a press for myself. However, Printing Press is capital intensive, and I lack the start-up capital, which runs into thousands of Dollars. I do not have the wherewithal or collateral to raise the needed funds hence, this letter to solicit your support. I want you to donate to enable me to procure the needed machines:
1. Latest Kurd 64; 84 Model (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen) Heidelberg Offset printing machine at $25,000
2. Electronic Polar Mohr cutting machine at $9,000
3. Lithographic (Kurd Size Plate Maker) Machine at $1,500. These run into a total of $35,500
However, what is most important here is the printing machine. If I can have that through your support I shall be satisfied. I can do the rest jobs from elsewhere. With the printing machine in place, I can purchase other machines (both digital and manual) gradually as I begin to work.
Again, I know my request may be outside your philanthropic program, but there is no where I can turn to other than do this begging. P lease Sir/Ma, help me out to realize my dream and be an employer of labor in my community and be benefactor to the needy around me.
I shall be grateful if you consider/grant my request. Thanks, as I look forward in anticipation to hearing from you soon.

Donations can be sent through the address:
LRF Communications Inc.,
8101 Sandy Spring Road Suite 100B No.14845,
Laurel MD 20707,
PPP: It’s not possible for only one person to donate the total amount for the equipment; therefore, however small your donation may be it is highly regarded as it will definitely form part of the establishment. Your $100 and above to whatever amount you could afford to donate towards the actualization of this project will be highly regarded as nothing is too small.

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