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Drowning in debt, contemplating suicide. This is my last attempt

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I come from a small place in India. I had to fight my parents and left home with nothing but a few clothes to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer. at the time I could not even speak English properly. I coached myself, prepared for entrance exams all the while working for at a lawyers office as a typist. He was very kind to me and let me stay in the servant quarters of his house while I was preparing. I got through my entrance exams into a reputed college and took out a huge loan (~$20,000) to cover for my tuition and living expenses. The lawyer who I worked for was very generous and backed my loan because I had no collateral and my parents refused to even look at my face.

I did well in college and got placed at a startup in bangalore. Unexpectedly due to some fraud by the CEO the startup completely collapsed within 1 and a half years (we still dont know all the details, he is being investigated at the moment). I was suddenly jobless and homeless consequently within 2 months. I have a mounting student loan and the pressure of finding a job in this market. My friends helped me out with my living situation but I do not want to be a burden on them or my father like lawyer employer, he does not know I have been laid off. I am left with about 300,000 Indian rupees of debt (about ~$4,700) in debt.

Any of your help would be extremely appreciated and I truly promise to pay it forward. This is my last ditch attempt to save myself, please help!

Bitcoin address: 1PhZiNtKAzqWPqrDYhQqQJiQMTfuETS9vj

Ethereum Address: 0x7479a78FcdAE4C7Bd78562da2B2eACF58734B2F7

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